What is Roll Forming Machine?

Roll Forming Machine makes continuous bending operation in which long length strip of metal sheet passing though roller & set perfect shape until cross section profile obtained quality based...More

How Roll Forming Machine Works

Roll forming Machine is a continuous process for forming sheet, strip or coiled metal stock into long shapes of basically uniform cross-section. The material is fed through multiple pairs of contoured forming rolls... More

Roll Forming Tolerances

Roll forming Machine dimensional tolerances are depending on stock Material width and thickness, Roller material, the quality of the tooling, machine condition, and Roll Forming Machine operator skill... More

Welcome to Gurukrupa Industries

Gurukrupa Industries is providing on quality based customize design and manufacturing wide range of roll forming Machine. We offered various type of roll forming machine like gypsum channel roll forming machine, pop channel roll forming machine, ultra ceiling channel roll forming machine, Gypsum Ultra Ceiling Section Machine, Pop Bottom Patti Machine roof sheet machine, colour coated roofing sheet Roll Forming Machine, Intermediate Channel Machine, Gypsum Peremeter Making Machine, highway guardrail roll forming machine, False Ceiling Machine, Furring Channel Machine in Rajkot-Gujarat-India. We are providing roll forming as per customer requirement.