W Beam Roll Forming Machine

We offer Innovation and Design of complete W Beam Roll Forming Machine cum Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine for the Highway industry, including installation and world class service. The roll forming machines engineered to produce expressway highway Barriers & Roadside barriers, such as, the W beam guardrails, three beam guardrail, Barrier Beams, Guardrail sigma posts, C posts, steel guardrail cross beam, Guardrail Ends bending, curved guardrail, End Terminals, car park, factory barriers, Road Safety Barriers, Warehouse Barriers, etc. W Beam Roll Forming Machine with their robust construction and state-of-the-art controls provide guardrail manufacturers with a low-maintenance, high-production and less men power. W Beam Roll Forming Machine is also know as a Expressway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine, C U Profiles Roll Forming Machine, Guardrail Bull nose Rolling Machine, Guardrail Post Roll Forming Machine, Guardrail Connection profile Roll Forming Machine, Guardrail Fishtail End Pressing Machine

  • D coiler 10 ton cap.
  • Punching press 100 tone
  • Entry Gate with
  • Roll Forming Line with 16 stations, 8 Gear Boxes & 15 H.P. electrical.
  • Control Panel semi auto
  • Cutting Unit (Hydro.)

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum sheet width that can be formed : 850 mm
  • Maximum sheet thickness in CRCA Strips that can be formed : 5 mm(M.S.)
  • Horizontal distance between shafts : 500mm
  • Number of forming stations : 16 nos.
  • Vertical station : 12 nos.
  • Total HP for Line : 23
  • Speed of the machine : 3 to 4 mt/minit
  • Size of machine : 8500 x 1600 x 1000 mm

Mandrel Uncoiler

  • Coil weight : 10MT Max
  • Coil width : 400 MM
  • Coil bore : 850 MM min, 1100 MM max dia.
  • Mandrel movement : Hydro.
  • Back Tension : Manually adjusted

Punching press

  • 100 tone Hydro. press
  • 5 HP
  • Oil tank 150 liter

Entry Gate

Entry gate will be provided for movement of sheet to roll former.

Main Base

The main base is MS fabricated structure and adequately ribbed to minimize the distortion. It is accurately machined on top and bottom surfaces the threaded holes are made on the bed for positioning the stands.

Mill stands (Station)

The stands are mounted on the bed of the machine the line alignment can be easily done due to guide ways arranged on the bed of the machine. Each forming head consists of a fixed housing and sliding type out board housing. The mill stands will be arranged to locate shafts mounted on taper bearings. For the top shafts the bearings are housed in the cartridge type bearing blocks. The bottom shaft bearings are located in the bored machined in the housings. The bottom arbors are fixed in position whereas the top arbors along with cartridge blocks could be raised or lowered in vertical guides machined in housings.

Roll shafts

The roll shafts dia. 70 mm will be manufactured from quality steel and will be keyed to locate tooling.


The drive to the roll former will be by means of a gear box system. The main drive will be provided by means of 15 HP motor


One set of Tooling with EN31 / D3 grade will be from imported material suitable for your machine as standard supply. The same is involved in operations like rough machining, keyway, rough profiling, profile machining trial and hardening ,bore grinding and inspection with final template for above.

Cutting Unit (Hydro)

Hydraulically operated power pack along with cutting die with 3 HP electrical.